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Memory foam is made with polyurethane or PU, a polymer that has widespread applications. Also known as low-resilience polyurethane foam, viscoelastic polyurethane foam or simply temper foam, this material was initially developed by NASA for better crash protection and seat cushioning in airlines and spacecraft.

Today, memory foam uses include everything from car seats, sofas and shoe fillers to pillows, bed toppers and mattresses.

Memory foam is available in three basic types:

1. Traditional Memory Foam:
This type of memory foam molds itself to your body, providing a good sleep experience. However, it can be uncomfortable for use in warm environments and may disturb “stomach sleepers”, since its closed-cell structure leads to poor heat regulation and air flow.

2. Open Cell Memory Foam:
This memory foam type features better air circulation and heat dispersion through the internal structure of the mattress. With advancements in Aero Sleep Technology, Springfit has been successful in improving open cell memory foam for higher comfort and breathability.

3. Gel and Charcoal Infused Memory Foam:
Gel particles are added to Springfit’s memory foam gel mattresses, making them denser and helping them absorb, distribute and release body heat more efficiently. Charcoal infused memory foam absorbs impurities in the air to stay fresh for longer.